• Shantanu Dubey

Building Up of Statues Representing Party Symbol is Violative of Article 14 of the Indian Constituti

The supreme court bench comprising of Chief justice of India Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Justice Deepak Gupta and Justice Sanjeev Khana while hearing a PIL filed by advocate Ravi Kant stated that the instalments of statues representing party symbol at public places as a state policy activity  at the expense of state funds is violative of article 14 of the Indian constitution.

The PIL that was filed in 2009 adduced Mayawati, leader of Bahujan Samajwadi Party(BSP) for the inappropriate and selfish use of crore of state funds for building up of statues of elephants which represents her party symbol at public places including park in Noida and withstrained her for continuing this  activity until CBI looked upon this matter. The plea also stated that the crores and crores of people money were staked to “falsely glorify the chief minister” and further also contained the clause of directing the state government to remove such statues from public land.

The court directed the final hearing of the case to be done on April 2nd, rejecting the request of Senior advocate Satish Mishra, assistant of Mayawati, to fix the matter in May.

The Chief Justice Of India Ranjan Gogoi, stated in the court that Mayawati should reimburse the public money that was stated to be Rs.52.20 crore, that has been spent on the setting up of the statues of elephant, and this reimbursement shall come from her own pocket and directed the senior advocate Rakesh Khanna who is the counsel for Mayawati, that she should be conveyed the courts view and should act accordingly.

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